The current one universal thought is:

Vote out every incumbent politician unless the
price of gasoline drops and stays below $2.00 a

The price of gasoline has risen outrageously and we, the
consumer, have suffered the most by these unfounded and unfair
price increases. Therefore, by the power of our vote, we are going
to unseat every politician who’s been in office during these times
and haven’t been able to control whatever powers there are to be
that keep raping us at the gas stations.

We understand this may jeopardize the jobs of some dedicated
and hardworking politicians and seem a little unfair but is it fair
that we, the average citizen, strain our wallets and purses on a
weekly basis paying  skyrocketing prices while our political
leaders do nothing to bring the price down?

Then to add insult to injury, the oil companies are posting record
breaking profits in the billions.

If you agree with this one universal thought, then act upon it by doing the

  • Register to vote.
  • Email this url address: www.oneuniversalthought.com to every friend,
    relative, coworker and media outlet in the universe.
  • If the price of gasoline doesn’t drop below $2 per gallon by your next
    national election, then go to the polls and go down the list and vote for
    everyone who’s not an incumbent.
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Here is where we cross religious, political, racial, social, economic, geographical and every other
kind of barrier that blocks and imprisons us in a universe where chaos, misery, greed and evil
appear to be slowly dominating.

www.oneuniversalthought.com is that prevailing spirit that will teach us if we align our thoughts
and the majority of humans think
one universal thought and holds onto that thought and tells
others and acts upon manifesting that thought into reality; then there’s nothing we can’t accomplish.
We can resolve ANY issue.  When we learn to master our thoughts on a grand universal scale, then
mankind will move to its next stage of life and become a higher intelligent civilization; one which
seeks peace, a healthier existence and positive change. And one that works universally towards
the abolishment of violence, prejudice and ignorance.

We can't leave it up to our political or religious leaders, we can’t sit idly by and hope and wish
someone else will act. WE, as the individual citizens of this earth have to come together and think
one universal thought on our own.

There are no advertisements on this page, nothing to buy or take your attention away from what
needs to be done.  We need to focus and act on
one universal thought at a time. When we've
turned it into reality then another will be posted that affects millions and we’ll think and move that
one universal thought and change that too.  Come back frequently help make this world a better
place by helping
one universal thought manifest from our minds into miracles!!!

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