I had an epiphany a couple of weeks ago. I realized if I wanted to become an author, then I
should surround myself with authors. So I decided to seek out, meet, talk and socialize with
every author I had the opportunity to come in contact with through book signings, fairs, etc.
While I was mapping out my plan to do this, another idea popped in my creatively erupting brain.
   Why not seek advice from these already successful (or at least published) authors? So I
bought an autograph book and committed to having every author I met, sign it and give me one
simple piece of advice that would aid me in my quest to become a published author. I'd have my
picture taken with them and put in the book next to their autograph and advice and have a nice
little book of my own that could one day become a family heirloom or maybe even become a
book in itself to be published.
   And that's what I did. I started going to book signings, lectures and everywhere else authors
were and had them autograph my book and put some advice in it. I'd though I'd share this with
my cyber fans and fellow aspiring writers so they could hopefully benefit from all the advice I'm
Below is a list of everyone I've had the pleasure to me and their valuable advice.
It's also led to some very interesting and possibly  lucrative/publishing opportunities. See my
I've also learned a valuable lesson. If you have someone take a picture of you, check the camera
and make sure they actually took the picture. There are several authors below who I took a pic
with but the person/stranger who I asked take the pic didn't push the button down all the way
and thus, no pic. But you live and you learn!.
-Harry Sneed III
Oct. 7
Draw pictures with words.
Brian Jacques

Author of "Redwall" and more.
Write about what you know, experience
and/or love.
Joe Piscatella

Author of "The Road to a Healthy Heart
Runs Through the Kitchen" and more
Study the craft!!
Eric Jerome Dickey
aka the king of African American Fiction

Author of "Chasing Destiny" and more.
Write from your heart. Love your reader.
Write conversationally! Never give up!
Jack Canfield

Co-creater of "Chicken Soup for the
Soul" series and more
My free-lance friends say marketing
is as important as writing.
Bill McClellan

Author of 'Evidence of Murder' and
St. Louis Post-Dispatch columnist.
Have passion about your ideas!
Ranya Idiby

Co-author of "The Faith Club"
Be open-you never know when you might
get a phone call that will change your life
Priscilla Warner

Co-author of "The Faith Club"
Be honest. If you feel it's truthful, other
people do too! If you're dishonest, people
/readers will know it..
Priscilla Warner

Co-author of "The Faith Club"
Here's my advice:
Sebastian Junger

Author of "The Perfect Storm" and more.
Follow your dreams & never let the
rejection letters worry you-the critics
don't know everything.
Steve Brooks

Author of several illustrated
children's books.
Stolen advice from other authors:
Keep your butt in the chair-Rob Simbeck
Keep writing.- Dave Trottier
I live by their advice-also, use spellcheck
Sara Ann Denson

Author of "Christmas Turtles"
Read everything.
Katharine Noel

Author of "Halfway House"
Kellie Wells

Author of "Skin"
Don't monkey around.
mascot of St. Louis Publishers Assoc.
Stay in the chair! Don't leave it. If
it's fun for you, it will be fun for the

Ridley Pearson
Author of "Peter and the Shadow
Thieves" & "Cut and Run
Celebrate Life!
Mitch Albom

Author of "Tuesdays With Morrie"